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Madeleine Jotz Lean's teaching


In the Summer term 2017 I am teaching Mathematik fuer Physiker 2 . All material and information on this course is available on StudIP. My office hours are by appointment only (by email).

PhD students:

Malte Heuer (since July 2015): Generalized complex groupoids and Dirac bialgebroids.

Bachelor, MsC students, Summer projects:

Anton Schmid (Bachelor project, Summer 2017): Poisson manifolds and infinitesimal ideal systems.

Luis Henriques (Bachelor project, Summer 2017): Matrix Lie groups and Poisson geometry.

Rosemary Shewell Brockway (Summer project, 2016): Hyperbolic geometry and hyperbolic crochet.

Hajer Esyour (MSc project, Fall 2015/16): Projective geometry.

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